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Get Into Energy: Youth

Welcome and thanks for visiting the Get Into Energy Youth website!

Explore this site to learn more about energy and energy careers. Learn about the day in the life of numerous different energy careers by visiting our videos page. Students can explore games, contests, and links to energy websites, and parents and educators can explore additional resources.

Get Into Energy: Engineering

Engineers turn ideas into reality. The creative thinking of engineers is essential to our health, happiness and safety. Engineers are behind the scenes of the buildings and infrastructure that we depend on every day, from cars to buildings to computers.

Likewise, engineers are essential in the energy industry by helping improve systems and create more efficient ways to generate, transmit, and use power from the power plant to your home. Engineers are the springboard to the amazing process of creating nuclear energy, designing wind turbines, advancing clean coal technology, and turning biofuels into usable energy. They are adventurous and thrive on trying and finding new ways of doing things.

Learn more about the many rewarding career opportunities to apply your engineering experience in the energy industry, and help shape the future of energy by exploring this website through the tabs above.  Learn about engineering job careers by watching videos, learning about different types of engineering and numerous other resources.

Get Into Energy: Military

In addition to the 200,000 service members who transition from active duty every year, there are hundreds of thousands of Veterans, Reservists, Retirees, Guardsmen and working spouses who are looking for new civilian jobs and other career opportunities.

The unique set of skills and experience gained from your military service are a great match for what energy industry employers are looking for. Energy careers offer great salaries, job stability and opportunities for advancement. And, like your military service, energy careers focus on making a difference for the country and the community.

The Get Into Energy Military website showcases in-demand career choices and the MOS codes that match these positions.

Explore this site through the tabs above and learn about different energy careers, discover your job match-up, and find job training near you!

Get Into Energy: Transitions

Welcome to the Get Into Energy Transitions website.  Explore this site by visiting the tabs above to explore different energy career options, videos, opportunities for those starting a career, making a change, or looking for training.

If you are interested in making a career transition, the energy industry holds a wealth of opportunity. From young adults involved in a program like YouthBuild, JAG or Job Corp, to mid-career adults from other industries seeking to apply their knowledge and skills in a new capacity, careers in energy are an exciting way to make a fresh start. Learn more today!