Natural Gas Technicians

Above Ground Technician

Above Ground Technicians are committed to delivering clean, safe, reliable, affordable natural gas to our communities. They work to ensure the safety of natural gas customers and the public by installing and maintaining gas meters and regulators properly. They listen, problem solve and provide timely and professional customer service by responding to both routine requests for gas service, and emergency requests for leaks and damage repairs.

Below Ground Technician

Below Ground Technicians ensure customer needs are met safely and reliably now and into the future by installing and repairing gas main and service pipelines. They have the technical knowledge and skills required to operate heavy equipment during excavations, respond to gas pipeline emergencies, investigate and repair underground leaks, perform electrofusion and heat applied plastic welding and repair and operate valves.

Career Pathways Roadmap

Energy jobs offer promising opportunities, whether you are an experienced worker or just starting your career. These jobs are both challenging and rewarding and provide competitive compensation and professional growth opportunities in an industry that is stable and growing.

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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) powers the world all around us, thanks to the men and women who put STEM to work each day providing and delivering energy to our communities. Join the growing energy workforce of the 21st century.

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