Plant Operators

Plant Operators oversee operating and controlling the equipment that generates power in coal, nuclear, gas, and other power plants. Plant Operators must be able to monitor and inspect equipment and indicators to detect operating problems and regulate equipment operations and conditions based on data from instruments or computers. They also operate power generating equipment including boilers, turbines, generators, and reactors.

Think you have what it takes to be a plant operator? Plant operators must be curious about how things work and not afraid to ask questions. They solve problems, so they need to work for long periods of time without being distracted.

Career Opportunities

As a plant operator, you would have many opportunities to grow in your career. Preferred qualifications for powerplant operators is a high school diploma, but many employers prefer workers who have a college degree or education from a technical school. Science and Math backgrounds are necessary to do this job well. The median salary for a Power Plant Operator is $79,860.

Career Pathways Roadmap

Energy jobs offer promising opportunities, whether you are an experienced worker or just starting your career. These jobs are both challenging and rewarding and provide competitive compensation and professional growth opportunities in an industry that is stable and growing.

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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) powers the world all around us, thanks to the men and women who put STEM to work each day providing and delivering energy to our communities. Join the growing energy workforce of the 21st century.

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