Energy Pipeline Technical College Programs in Georgia

  • Certified Customer Service Specialist (CCSS)
    • Southern Crescent Technical College, Griffin, GA (Contact  Mark Andrews)
  • Engineering Representative/Technician
    • Lanier Technical College, Oakwood, GA (Contact Sam Garrett)
    • Savannah Technical College, Savannah, GA
  • Electrical Line Worker Apprentice Certificate
    • Coastal Pines Technical College (Contact Thomas Wesley or John Kennedy)
    • Georgia Piedmont Technical College (Contact Selina James)
    • North Georgia Technical College (Contact Rob Rowland or Owen Simpson)
    • Southern Crescent Technical College (Contact Lemuel Mercado)
    • South Georgia Technical College (Contact Tami Blount)
  • Electrical Utility Technology
    • Lanier Technical College (Contact Sam Garrett)
    • Savannah Technical College (Contact Stephen Hopkins)
  • Nuclear Engineering Technician
    • Augusta Technical College (Contact Dr. Abdullah Kendoush or John Tucciarone)
  • Instrumentation and Control Technician
    • Central Georgia Technical College (Contact Mark McCurdy, Michael Engel, Tony Shelley, or Al Rose)
    • Georgia Northwestern Technical College (Contact Dick Tanner)
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Auxiliary Equipment Operator (AEO)
  • Coal Equipment Operator (CEO)

Refer to the technical college in your area for more details.

Georgia College & Career Academies

If you could create your own school what would it look like?

Would it prepare you to take a good job immediately upon graduation? Or would you stay on your selected career path to your next level of education? Would you be able to find good careers in your hometown? Would you like to know that your community – business, civic and educational – is vitally interested in your personal success? Would you like to earn college credits while still in high school? Would you like to learn in small groups of students using state-of-the-art, work-based learning opportunities? Would you like your academic career to revolve around a career that just might be right for you? If you are ready to sign up, you’ll be happy to know that schools like this exist all across Georgia. They are called college and career academies, and they help students prepare for 21st century real life.

What is a college and career academy (CCA)? A CCA means a specialized charter school established by a partnership which requires cooperation from and between business, industry and community sponsors to help prepare students for careers in local and regional industries. College and Career academies in Georgia provide a unique approach to serving high school and adult students using the following elements:

  • Preparing students for college and career
  • Offering sequenced curriculum that integrates academic and career-based learning
  • Providing students the opportunity to earn high school and college credits through dual credit courses
  • Linking the academy to business, civic community and higher education
  • Increasing student performance and achievement
  • Reflecting local economic needs
  • CCAs are charter schools that demonstrate the partnership between secondary, postsecondary, and the community.

Georgia College & Career Academies goal includes raising student’s aspirations and commitment while increasing their academic and career achievement. Career academies, located across Georgia, offer a variety of structures, and their numbers continue to grow each year.
To learn more about Georgia College & Career Academies, please visit their website.

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